The unicorn is a legendary animal that looks like a horse with a horn on its' head. The unicorn has been written about since antiquity. It is usually a white horse that has a long mane. The unicorn's horn is said to have magical powers. The unicorn has become a popular symbol in today's current culture especially for young girls. It is hard to go into a store that carries children's merchandise and not find a variety of products in the shape of a unicorn or imprinted with a picture of a unicorn. Unicorn books, games, stuffed animals, book bags, coloring books, and clothes are only a few products that one can buy with a unicorn theme. In that respect, Ornaments with Love continues to find the themes that are popular in today's culture.

Check out our unicorn ornaments to find just the right unicorn for your recipient who loves unicorns and is enthralled by the legends and stories that the unicorn represents. We carry a variety of colorful unicorns that are very feminine because unicorns are loved mostly by girls. You can choose among unicorns on pink or blue glittered hearts, unicorns with beautiful pastel colored rainbows, a friends unicorn ornament, a girl hugging a unicorn or a graceful unicorn on his hind legs. They can all be personalized for the person who believes in the fantasy of the unicorn. So welcome to the world of unicorn ornaments. With hopes that the unicorn ornament will bring your recipient good luck in the coming year.