Personalized Giraffe Ornaments

Do you know people who collect giraffe ornaments and anything giraffe themed? If so, Ornaments with Love has a variety of adorable giraffe ornaments that can be customized for your collector or anyone who is in awe of giraffes. Ask a child what their favorite animal is and so many will say the giraffe.

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Giraffe Christmas Ornaments

Ornaments with Love offers several single giraffes, a couple giraffe, a blinking nosed giraffe and families of 3, or 5 giraffes. Your giraffe collector will be surprised that you found such cute giraffe Christmas ornaments! Some of the giraffe ornaments are even surrounded by greenery as seen in their natural habitat. One of our giraffe ornaments, not only has a long neck, but is shown with cute dangling legs. All of our giraffe ornaments can be personalized to make a one-of-a-kind ornament for a giraffe lover.

Giraffe Xmas Ornaments

Why do people love giraffes? Why are giraffes so popular at the zoo? They truly “stand out” and “stand higher” than all the other animals. The intrigue of their body and life habits attracts their popularity. Kids as well as adults love visiting their zoo habitat. Those who are lucky enough to take an African safari return with many pictures of giraffes because they are so in awe of this beautiful and graceful animal. How do they stand on those legs and how do they hold that neck up? These are some of the reasons people, young and old, love giraffes!

A few facts about giraffes, even if you just adore them for their beauty. Giraffes are the tallest land animal and have a very distinctive patterned coat. An adult giraffe’s neck is about 6 feet tall and giraffes weigh about 600 pounds. They can run at a speed of 35mph when escaping from a predator. They spend 16-20 hours eating daily, mostly leaves from thorny acacia trees. They rest while standing, but sleep standing about 5-30 minutes a day. Sometimes one can find a giraffe laying down. They seem to be quiet animals, but they sometimes make sounds like moos, snort, hisses and grunts. A zoo giraffe drinks about 10 gallons of water a day. A giraffe’s smooth stride and calm demeanor help to make this a favorite of many people. Add these facts to your giraffe knowledge and your admiration for this animal will increase.

Whether you are buying a giraffe themed ornament for a child who just spent a day at the zoo, for a person who collects everything giraffe themed, for a family or person who took a safari this year or just because you like the ornament, our selection of giraffe ornaments is sure to please. This Christmas, stick out your neck and run quickly to buy a personalized giraffe ornament for a giraffe lover on your Christmas list.