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When I started thinking about what to write for our June Blog, the first thing that came to mind was vacations and all the wonderful places most people start planning or have already planned to go to as summer approaches.

I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down to begin.  Sitting on my desk was the Costco Connection that had been delivered a few days prior, so I decided to look through that first.  To my surprise there was an article about vacations in it.  The article however, was actually focused on something I was not aware of…apparently most people do not go on vacations.  It stated that in 2016, 54% of Americans left a total of 662 million unused vacation days on the table.  For the past 15 years the use of paid time off in the United States has taken a nosedive.  One of the biggest reasons is that many out there have become what they call “work martyrs” who are so stressed at work they feel their jobs cannot be done if they leave to go away on vacation.  The irony is that there are studies being done proving that those employees who do go on vacations or at least take “staycations” come back to show an increase in performance and productivity, which boosts morale and creates an overall better work environment.  Having refreshed employees will also result in companies with staffs better able to contribute new ideas and perspectives and be more willing to stay with their jobs for the long haul. The article pointed out that since most “work martyrs” apparently need a big push to get away from their desks and computers, employers need to encourage their employees (and themselves) to use up ALL of their vacation time.

If companies listen and hopefully they will, I am back to my original thought about all the wonderful places we should go.  For me, I vote for a family beach vacation.  My husband I know, would rather we get on his motorcycle and drive around touring some far off city.  Everyone is different of course so I know there will be those of you who would prefer to get on a plane and fly to Europe or Australia or take a cruise to a tropical island.  Or maybe just load up your car or RV and head to the mountains to go hiking and camping.

So yes, June does still make me think of vacations.  But now in a new way.  I hope 2018 is the year which begins the increase in those who refuse to leave any vacation days unused.   So many fun places to visit.  It’s not too late to start planning.  Get up, get out and have some fun.  You deserve that.  Make some memories!


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