Empty Nesters

GRADUATION time is fast approaching.  As a mom who has experienced and survived all of her kids’ graduations, I can relate to the ups and downs of emotions that all the moms out there are feeling:

KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION – So cute and so much fun for our kids and for us moms.

MIDDLE SCHOOL GRADUATION – For some kids very exciting.  For others, not so much.  Going off to high school makes some kids very nervous.  And nervous kids equates to nervous moms.

HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION – Typically very happy times for our kids, but this time moms are the nervous ones…especially moms of those kids who will be going away to college.  How will they survive without us?  How will I sleep at night?  It takes a while to adjust, but we do.  And then before we know it, the time comes when our last one leaves for college….Empty Nesting!  Good Times!  Although not all of us will admit to feeling so happy!  : )

COLLEGE GRADUATION AND BEYOND – It’s a time of pride for us and for our kids – now adults – another new phase of life that is difficult to accept.

So….for those of you who are just starting the graduation process or are in the middle of it, believe me when I tell you that you too will survive.  And so will your kids.  And before you know it, your kids will be showing up at your door with kids of their own.  And you just might need to be the strong support they need as they go through the graduation process with your grand kids.  The traditions and the emotions continue…..

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