In my experience, there are several aspects to how people feel about watching professional football. There are those who could care less, even if one of the teams playing represents their hometown.  There are those who live and breathe for their favorite team, and will arrange their social lives around their games. And then there are those who are so passionate about football, they will watch as many games during the season as they can, regardless of which teams are playing.

And then…there is the Super Bowl.   Watching this annual championship game has become a tradition in America.  Of course there are still those who have no desire to watch even this biggest football game of the year.  But there will be almost 100 million Americans who WILL watch the game and/or take part in some sort of Super Bowl celebration.  Included in this record-breaking number are the die-hard fans of the two teams playing, those who just enjoy watching any football game, and those who don’t watch many games during the season but love to watch this one spectacular sporting event. I kind of fall into yet another category of those who are not really into football or the championship game itself, but wouldn’t want to miss it just to check out and critique the expensive (about 5 million dollars for a 30 second spot) commercials and the epic half-time show (Maroon 5 will be starring in this year’s performance).

Over the years I have watched the Super Bowl (i.e. the commercials and half-time show) at home with just my family.  Other times I have watched it with a small gathering of family and friends.  And there have been several years when I have attended what I would consider a fun but relatively low-key Super Bowl party.   From what I have learned however, there are lots of people who really go all out and put a ton of thought and effort into throwing full-blown parties.  Super Bowl parties have become such a big deal that I have seen on-line articles to help inspire people to come up with ideas on how to throw the best Super Bowl party possible.  There is advice on how to decorate your home, what type of games to play, and what team apparel to wear.  There are suggestions including why it is best to have a keg of beer so you don’t run out of bottles and cans, and why you should also be able to offer your non beer-loving guests wine and mixed drinks.  And since more food is eaten on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day besides Thanksgiving, there is no wonder why there are many recipe ideas provided so all of your guests stay full and happy.  The biggest surprise is finding recommendations on where to go to purchase the best TV for the event!   So much planning goes into these parties and apparently the celebrating continues on even after the game ends. Who cares if everyone has to wake up early for work on Monday morning?  It seems like nothing will stop the fun!

This year the Super Bowl match-up will be the New England Patriots vs. the Los Angeles Rams.  So when the clock strikes 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, where will YOU be? Even if you have no spectacular party to go to and will just be sitting home alone cuddling with your pet, it sounds like watching all or some of the game, enjoying and rating the costly commercials, and/or experiencing a (hopefully) very entertaining half-time show is the “in” thing to do!  Unfortunately I don’t have a big “bash” to go to this year, but I will have a few friends over and will do what I can to make it an enjoyable evening.  Good luck to both teams!

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