Wedding Christmas Ornaments

Personalized Wedding Ornaments

A Special Wedding Keepsake: Your Personalized Christmas Tree Ornament!

Celebrate Your First Christmas as a Couple with Unique Wedding Ornaments!

Custom-Engraved with Both Names and Made Just for the Newly Married Couple!

There’s a reason they call it The Big Day. Your wedding date is easily one of the most important days in your entire life – maybe even the most important. On that special day, you declare your love and devotion of a single person to the entire world, truly beginning something new together that lasts the rest of your lives. Your wedding day is indubitably special.

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The Perfect Personalized Gift For You or Your Favorite Newlyweds!

Personalize it for Yourselves, or Surprise a Happy Couple With a Gift To Reflect their Marriage

Give yourself, or any newly engaged couple you know, the perfect gift for their first Christmas as a married couple: A personalized wedding ornament to display during the holidays, made just for them by Ornaments With Love.

What makes every wedding Christmas ornament made by Ornaments With Love a personalized ornament? We offer several ways to personalize your first Christmas ornament as a couple in wedded bliss:

  • Custom-engraving of the happy couple’s names
  • Custom-engraving of their wedding date and year
  • Multiple options for skin color
  • Multiple options for hair color
  • Yes, we offer same-sex wedding ornaments!

The wedding ornament collection for sale by Ornaments With Love is amazing. Whatever type of wedding you’re celebrating – big, small, traditional, destination, at home or in a hotel, church, or garden – we’ll create and ship the happy couple one of the most thoughtful gifts, one of the most keepsake wedding gifts, they’ll receive . . . and one they’ll cherish as a sign of their love every holiday season thereafter.

Imagine a Custom Christmas Ornament that Evokes Your Wedding Day

We’ll Personalize an Ornament to Commemorate Any Type of Wedding

There are as many ideas about how to get married as there are actual weddings. No matter what your idea of a dream wedding is, Ornaments With Love has a wedding ornament in our collection to perfectly match your fantasy Wedding Day:

  • Wedding bells
  • Wedding cakes
  • Destination wedding scenes
  • “Just Married” car
  • A limousine big enough for the names of members of the wedding party!

Plus many more creative, innovative, highly detailed wedding ornaments you’ll find in our enormous collection.

Trying to Shop for a Different, Fun Gift? Give Them a Unique Wedding Keepsake

Buy A Lovely Wedding Ornament for the Couple’s First Christmas

There’s genuinely no other variety of wedding gift you could shop for on the Internet that’ll have the memorable impact of a personalized wedding ornament from Ornaments With Love.

Every ornament in our collection is custom-crafted according to our customers’ instructions and delivered in time to hang on the tree for the holidays. Plus, every wedding ornament we sell is finely detailed and created with the ultimate happiness and pride of the bride and groom in mind. We know each spouse will look good, so we’ll create a lovely wedding ornament to match.

Link Your Favorite Bride & Groom Together Forever

They’re a Cute Couple, Hanging From the Christmas Tree Like That

You want to shop for a gift that they’ll enjoy having, right? Obviously. So why not personalize a wedding Christmas ornament for them, one that the bride and groom can easily hang from their holiday garland or wood branch of the Christmas tree – and be reminded every time they see it as a sign of their love.

Save time in your search for the perfect gift. Unique wedding ornaments personalized by Ornaments With Love is the gift that keeps on giving not just at the wedding after-party, but at every holiday occasion from then on.

What a Way to Celebrate the Holidays and their Marriage at the Same Time!

We’re the Best Way To Shop for a Personalized Holiday Ornament

So you see how much they’ll love to celebrate the memory of their wedding date with a personalized first-Christmas ornament. Congratulations – your search for thoughtful gifts for a wedding has arrived at its triumphant end!

Search our huge website of thousands and thousands of pages. Each page is a different ornament for sale, composed of resin or wood, every one customizable by name, date, message, and much more. Personalize the wedding ornament to match each spouse, and we promise we’ll deliver an amazing gift they’ll circle back to again and again, for many holidays to come.

Get Married During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Sure, We’ll Mark that Your Special Day Occurred Despite the Coronavirus

Let’s face it – the COVID-19 pandemic was (we hope) a once-in-a-lifetime event. It affected our lives tremendously and forced upon us a new normal that might never fully return to the old . . . and yet still lives went on. People continued to get married – even if through a computer screen.

Customize your wedding ornament even more with a “Married During COVID” message or any other words you choose. Mark the special occasion of a wedding with the most customizable Christmas tree ornament available online – only from Ornaments With Love.

It’s Easy to Make the Perfect Gift with Ornaments With Love

Create Your Account with a Valid Email Address and Get Personalizing!

We make it simple to give a wedding gift that truly fits the occasion. Just point your browser to, fill out the form you’ll find on every page of our website, and we’ll take care of the details. Plus, our shipping is fast, inexpensive . . . and to anywhere in the world!

Questions? Concerns? Need tips on personalizing your first Christmas ornament to commemorate a wedding date – an ornament so amazing, so cool, so fun, the happy couple will treasure it every holiday season and all their anniversaries to come? No problem!

Just contact us at and we’ll promptly respond with our best answers.

Ornaments With Love is dedicated to helping you create the best possible Christmas ornament to celebrate the blessed occasion of marriage – while also giving them a beautiful sign of true love to hang from their tree every year!