Christmas Ornaments for Twins

Twin Ornaments Personalized

Twin Christmas Ornaments

Celebrate the exciting birth of twins with a personalized twin Christmas ornament. Ornaments with Love offers a large variety of twin ornaments just to honor the babies and also twin ornaments with Mom and Dad holding their new little bundles of joy. Many of our baby twin ornaments come in blue for two boys, pink for two girls or a combination of blue and pink for a boy and a girl.

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Twins Christmas Ornaments

If you want a twin ornament for twins that are not babies, you can capture their togetherness with any couple ornament that has two people or two heads the same size. For toddlers, our ornament with two giraffes is cute. For twins that are older we have 2 bears, 2 gingerbread, 2 hearts, 2 penguins, 2 mice, plus more in our Twins and Couples categories.

Twins Ornament

Some of our twin ornaments feature the word TWINS with the two little heads peeping over. Whether you choose an ornament made specifically for twins or another ornament with two people, there is always a space to have us write the date of birth or a cute twins related jingle. Suggestions for your banner are Two to Love, Two to Hug, Togetherness, Forever Together, A Special Bond, Born with a Best Friend, Our Special Miracles or another sentiment that has meaning to you.

Twins First Christmas Ornament

Twin’s First Christmas ornaments make wonderful gifts for grandparents, aunts, uncles and the new godmother and godfather. Throughout the years they will share the joys and fun of the twins. Especially, in the beginning, if they live close by, they will probably be called on to help with care for the twins as if they were their own. Gifting them with their own twin Christmas ornament will certainly be a reminder of this exciting time when they helped with the demands of caring for their beautiful baby twins.

Twin Babies First Christmas Ornament

A first year with twins is an adventure but will provide memories to last for a lifetime. If you are the lucky parents of twins, life will be a challenge. You will find that twins can share a lot of equipment, but they won’t want to share a twin’s Christmas ornament announcing their arrival. Later in life when they move out of the family home with their childhood ornaments, they each will surely want their own twins 1st Christmas ornament.