Personalized Airplane Ornaments

Commemorate an airplane trip taken this past year with one of our airplane ornaments. Whether your trip was domestic or foreign, a trip to the seashore or to Grandma’s, or a child’s first airplane ride, a personalized airplane ornament is a wonderful way to preserve that memory. Our airplane ornaments let you note a special vacation, a honeymoon trip, a trip that celebrates an anniversary or special birthday, a trip to celebrate a retirement or any special visit taken.

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Airplane Christmas Ornaments

Because airplane travel has become so popular and so easy, we have a variety of airplane ornaments that can be personalized to record special journeys. Our most popular airplane ornament is a jet looking airplane that is flying through the clouds. The clouds provide spaces for our personalizer to customize the ornament with the traveler’s name, their destination and the year. If a family or couple has taken a trip, we offer airplanes with two, three, four or five passengers. Our personalizer can put a name on each passenger, the family name on the fuselage, the destination on the wing and the year on the tail. We also have a 3-D realistic airplane that can be personalized to retain a memory of a traveler’s trip.

We did not leave out ornaments for pilots, aviation lovers or children who are in awe whenever they see an airplane flying overhead. We have included, in our airplane category, an airplane with a pilot in the cockpit, a helicopter ornament, a space rocket and an Air Force jet. An airplane ornament is also a great gift for someone who works in the airplane industry as a stewardess, an engineer, a baggage handler, a check-in counter personnel or a travel agent. The white jet airplane is especially nice for remembering airplane industry employees as there is a space to note their specific title.

We must thank Orville and Wilbur Wright who made the first successful flight of a self-propelled, heavier than air flying machine in 1903. Of course, there have been many designs through the years that have led to the modern airplane of today. It is fun to wake up in Washington, DC and spend the next night in Honolulu, Hawaii!

This Christmas choose one of our airplane ornaments for an airplane enthusiast, a jet setter, or a frequent flyer who lives to travel. Come in for the perfect landing with a personalized airplane ornament that recalls a special trip or special connection to the airplane world.