Wrestling Christmas Ornaments

Wrestling ornaments are in demand during the Christmas season because it is a winter sport in schools that have a wrestling team. In the US, wrestlers compete on teams in high school, junior high, middle school and in some areas in wrestling clubs. Wrestling is an individual sport, but wrestlers know that the team comradery is important to produce a win for the team. Every wrestler's score is important to the outcome of the team's success.

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Wrestling Christmas Tree Ornaments

A personalized wrestling ornament provides a memory of the hard work to train for the wrestling team. We have several wrestling ornaments, each showing the wrestler in a hold with his opponent. There is a choice of wrestlers with brown hair, blond hair or African American. Also related to wrestling ornaments, are weight lifting ornaments and a weight lifter bench ornament. Another idea for a wrestler is an ornament that features a gold trophy enhanced with wrestling shoes and the very important head gear worn by every school wrestler. This makes a great end of season gift for each team member. All of our wrestling ornaments can be personalized with a name, year and the team name to make a wonderful keepsake of those years involved in the sport of wrestling.

Personalized Wrestling Christmas Ornaments

So, reward your wrestler or the whole team with a personalized wrestling ornament for their gallant moves to pin their opponents. Each wrestler has worked hard to stay in “condition” for their correct weight level and to learn the right “moves” to outlast their opponents. Your favorite wrestler may be a novice wrestler learning the Claw hold, Cobra clutch or other variations of a holding move. Whether your favorite wrestler is a more advanced wrestler on the school varsity or JV wrestling team, he will love a wrestling ornament to mark those memorable matches against his school's rival.

For professional wrestling fans we carry a figure of the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer, Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock”. From an early age The Rock was sure to be a super wrestler and has now earned a role in the minds of our pop culture as an entertainer in many venues. Surprise a WWE follower with our ornament of The Rock, personalized especially for them. The ornament shows a replica of his very muscular figure, complete with his famous tattoos.

Wrestling Tree Ornaments

Give a wrestling ornament to a wrestler on your Christmas list to let him know that you admire his participation in this very physical competitive sport. Each season, he works hard to condition his body and mind for the season. “No holds barred” he will be proud to hang a wrestling ornament on the Christmas tree, even after his wrestling years are over.