Volleyball Christmas Ornaments

A volleyball Christmas ornament will be a real winner for your favorite volleyball player. Volleyball has become a very popular game for males and females. Even, some middle schools have field for teams to play volleyball. Many high schools support junior varsity and varsity teams. NCAA college volleyball belongs mostly to women, but men also have their NCAA competitions. Volleyball has a lot of variations, the most popular one being beach volleyball. Volleyball is a net game that can easily be a pick-up game at the beach or at a picnic, as the game requires only a net on poles and a ball.

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Personalized Volleyball Christmas Ornaments

Volleyball ornaments are one of our most popular sports ornaments. We offer two styles of female players and one style of male players. Both styles are available with brown or blond hair. They all feature the player in motion trying to spike the ball over the net. Also, available is a 3-dimensional glass ball and a flat resin ball with dangling volleyball shoes. All of our choices can be customized with a name, year and the team name. What a great gift to present the team and the coach at the year-end party.

Volleyball Xmas Ornaments

Volleyball has a long history. In 1895, in Holyoke, Mass, a new game derived from badminton called Mintonette was created. It was started as an indoor sport for older people who wanted an athletic activity. In 1896, an observer noticed the volleying nature of the game and thus, the game became called volleyball. Through the years the rules and the game have evolved. Because of its' popularity, volleyball has been a main event for men and women in the Summer Olympics since 1964. In 1987, beach volleyball was added to the Summer Olympic program. Volleyball is also a sport for men and women in the Paralympics. In 2018, the US Women's team is proud to be ranked #2 in the world and also claim the 2018 Volleyball Nations League Title.

This Christmas remember your favorite volleyball player or coach with a personalized volleyball ornament that will serve as a reminder of those fun times playing a team game that they love. Whether your favorite player plays setter, hitter, libero, or blocker, one of our personalized volleyball ornaments will be a cherished gift for many years to come.