Lacrosse Christmas Ornaments

Lacrosse Christmas ornaments have become very popular as the sport continues to grow in popularity. Many high schools as well as middle schools have recently fielded teams. Many younger children are enrolled in classes for training as they reach the age that they can participate on a school team. Many players are lucky to attend a lacrosse summer camp that specializes in instruction to improve a player's skills.

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Personalized Lacrosse Ornaments

Several years ago, it was difficult to find a lacrosse ornament, but as the sport has grown, so has the availability of lacrosse ornaments. Ornaments with Love offers lacrosse ornaments for both males and females. The ornaments are different as the equipment requirements are different. All lacrosse players wear special padded gloves and cleated shoes. Male lacrosse players are required to wear protective gear (helmets, shoulder and elbow pads) as their sport allows contact. Female lacrosse players are allowed only stick contact, so their only protection gear is eye goggles. Our male lacrosse player ornament shows the player with helmet and stick. Our female lacrosse player comes with blond or brown hair and is wearing the required eye goggles and gloves. We also offer a lacrosse stick and ball ornament, as an ornament that would be great to document a team's tournament win.

Lacrosse Xmas Ornaments

Lacrosse is a game that may have developed as early as 1100AD. It is an old Indian game and is a traditional game of the Iroquois Indians who inhabited what is now New York and Pennsylvania. Maybe, that is the reason lacrosse is such a popular game in the northeast part of the US. Lacrosse is also played internationally with the Federation of International Lacrosse sponsoring five world championship tournaments.

Personalized Lacrosse Christmas Ornament

If you have a lacrosse player on your Christmas list, it's a no brainer that they will love having a customized lacrosse ornament on the family Christmas tree. Whether a high school, college or club lacrosse player, beginner or experienced player, catch your lacrosse player by surprise with a lacrosse ornament in their stocking or as a gift tag on a box containing new lacrosse equipment. LAX, as it is sometimes referred to, is a fast-moving fun game. Don't wait. “Scoop” up one of our lacrosse Christmas ornaments to “shoot” a winning score with your favorite lacrosse player.