Personalized Horse Christmas Ornaments

Historians believe that horses have been a part of our culture since the 1500s, when they were introduced to the New World by Spanish explorers. Horses have had many uses, but in today's world many people are drawn to the horse world by their beauty, their agility and their ability to be domesticated.

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Personalized Horse Ornaments

Is there a person on your Christmas list who lives and loves anything connected to horses? If so, you are in the right place to pick just the right personalized equestrian ornament for your special horse lover. If your horse lover is a girl horse rider, we have a girl horse rider ornament with brown or blond hair. If your horse lover is a boy or cowboy, we can also satisfy that need with a boy riding a horse ornament. If your horse lover competes wearing true equestrian garb, we have ornaments that show her dressed ready for the competition.

Do you know someone who trains horses, races horses, works at a dude ranch or a horse center, teaches horseback riding, is a horse groomer or is involved with therapeutic horseback riding? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, one of our personalized horse ornaments will be much appreciated by your recipient. Choose from a horse shown in a barn door, an ornament showing western or English saddles, a horse trailer or a horse in a lucky horseshoe. Many people love our horse picture frame enhanced with a red Christmas bow and silver horseshoes on the four corners of the frame.

Each year thousands of people travel to the Kentucky Derby to enjoy the epitome of horse racing. They also visit the rolling greens of Lexington, Kentucky to learn about a horse jockey's life and the present and past life of famous horses. A vacation trip to a dude ranch or a night at a rodeo are also memories not to be forgotten. A personalized horse ornament to commemorate these trips will be a treasured souvenir for the traveler.

Whether your horse lover is a beginner or a professional rider, a grand prix jumper, or a Clydesdale admirer, Ornaments with Love offers a horse ornament that can suit your needs. All of our ornaments can be personalized to earn you a blue ribbon from your recipient. So, hop on your horses now and order a personalized horse Christmas ornament before he runs away!