Golf Christmas Ornaments

Surprise a male or female golfer on your Christmas list with a personalized golf ornament. Whether they play 9 or 18 holes at a time, take lessons in a class or privately play at a club or public course, a golf ornament will remind them of the many hours they spend working on a better swing, putt, or drive. Golf is not always about the skill. It is also a way to make friends with a common interest. People who play golf love it and love the challenge to improve their game.

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Personalized Golf Ornaments

A golf ornament is a great gift for a young person who has decided to try this sport, a middle-aged person who decided this sport was going to be their hobby or a retired person who wants a fun and challenging activity in their newly found spare time. For all these reasons, the game of golf continues to grow in popularity. Golf courses and resorts are on the rise.

With the golf industry growing, Ornaments with Love is offering a variety of golf ornaments that can be customized for your favorite player. We carry female golf figures with blond or brown hair carrying their golf bag and wearing their very important visor for sun protection. The matching male golf figure is dressed in a typical golf shirt and wears khakis while holding his golf bag filled with his favorite clubs. We also carry another style figure of golfers on the green ready to tee off or putt. They come male or female with blond or brown hair. Some of our ornaments have a space to include the golfer's favorite golf course. In addition, we offer golf club and golf cart ornaments. A special golf ornament for the ladies is a very feminine, 2-sided ornament called “Ladies Tee Time.” Whether your golfer plays with a set partner or in a foursome, a golf Christmas ornament makes a thoughtful gift. All of our golf ornaments can be personalized with no extra charge.

A few interesting facts about golf–Did you know that the modern game of golf is thought to have originated in 15th-century Scotland? Some historians trace the game back to the Romans. Did you know that in 1971, astronaut Alan Shepard shot and shanked 2 balls on his Apollo 14 visit to the moon? Did you know that there are four major professional men's tournaments and five major women's professional tours? Did you know that after a 112-year absence, golf again became a sport at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games?

Some of the greats like Arnold Palmer, Rory McIIroy and Tiger Woods are responsible for increasing the love of golf for spectators as well as players. Golf coverage on television has also helped golf's exposure.

Personalized Golf Cart Ornaments

Whether your golfer is a beginner or an experienced player, a golf ornament will be a reminder of all those beautiful sunny days spent walking the course or riding a golf cart on a beautifully manicured course. Learning to stay on the fairway, out of the rough, out of bunkers and away from water holes are only some of the hazards a golfer must contemplate. Maybe you are the golfer, or you are gifting an avid golfer, you will certainly score a par with one of our adorable personalized golf ornaments. So, for all those golfers “who get in the swing of life”, a golf Christmas ornament will be a fun addition to the family Christmas ornament collection.