Personalized Dance Christmas Ornaments

Dance ornaments include ornaments for ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, ballroom or country dancers. All of our dance ornaments can be personalized with the dancer's name and the year. A dance Christmas ornament is a great way to record a major interest in a dancer's life.

Dance is considered an art form with specific aesthetic movements. Dance can be performance upon a stage or participatory dancing such as ballroom dancing done as a social interaction.

Dance Christmas Ornaments

Our dance ornaments are specifically designed to record a person's interest and participation in the dance of their choice. Whether your dancer loves ballet or tap, our dance ornaments will preserve memories of their many hours in dance class or practicing for a specific recital or performance. Lessons begin at an early age and many dancers continue into adulthood as a profession.

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The young ballet dancer is introduced to a variety of music styles and at the same time is participating in an exercise experience. Part of the fun for a young ballet dancer is the tutu or ballet skirt that she gets to wear. She learns specific poses and steps that combine to make a flowing interpretation of the musical background. At the same time, she is learning poise and grace. Ballet is fun because the combination of the dance and the music often tells a story. Our ballerina ornaments include ballet shoes, ballerinas with real toile skirts, ballerina figures with blond or brown hair and a ballet bag with attached ballet shoes hanging on the zipper.

Tap Dance Ornaments for Christmas

A tap dance ornament is the perfect gift for the dancer who is a beginning tap dancer or an experienced tap dancer. Young people, as well as women, take tap dancing lessons. Many women tap dance as a form of exercise. Tap dancing is an energetic form of dance that involves wearing shoes equipped with metal taps. It is becoming more and more popular. Our tap dance ornaments include classic tap dance shoes and dancing figures with blond or brown hair.

Our dance ornaments also include figures that participate in Jazzercize or Zumba.

Dance is a way of life for many people, old and young. This year gift your favorite dancer with one of our personalized dance ornaments that will surely be a keepsake and a favorite personalized ornament on the family Christmas tree.