Bowling Christmas Ornaments

Get a perfect score with one of our personalized bowling ornaments for the bowler on your list. It seems like bowling is back in vogue as fancy bowling alleys connected to restaurants are opening in certain areas of the country. Whether you bowl at a stand-alone bowling alley or a new-fangled bowling alley, the game is the same. The excitement of getting strikes is the same goal. For many, bowling is a great pastime to enjoy with friends or family. Bowlers usually have their favorite bowling alley and sometimes their lucky lane.

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Personalized Bowling Christmas Ornaments

A bowling Christmas ornament is a great way to show a bowler's love of the game. A bowler may bowl for entertainment as a social get together with friends. Many bowlers have their weekly bowling group. Some bowlers are members of bowling teams which makes the game more competitive. Many people like bowling because it is always a challenge. Few bowlers get a perfect 300 but they feel practice can make perfect!

Ornaments with Love offers several bowling ornaments that make great gifts for individual bowlers or team members. We carry male and female bowlers with brown or blond hair as they begin to roll the ball down the lane. We also have a bowling ornament featuring the ball in the middle of the lane just as it hits the last five pins still standing. The yellow background serves as the imaginary flash when the pins go down!

It is believed that bowling has been around since ancient Egypt when the ball was made of husks of grains covered by leather and bound by string. In 1511 English King Henry VIII was an avid bowler. In 1819 NY writer Washington Irving mentioned bowling in his story “Rip Van Winkle”. 1950 the Golden Age of Ten-Pin Bowling was established with professional bowlers making large salaries. International tournaments became events. Bowling tournaments were featured on American TV. In 1948, a bowling lane was built in the White House as a birthday gift for the then President Truman. President Nixon, who was also an avid bowler.

Throughout history bowling has had its ups and downs all over the world. However, bowling is making a comeback. With new state-of-the are electronic scoring systems and surround sound music, many people are making bowling their hobby. The popularity of bowling is also due to the availability of challenging bowling video games.

Whether your bowler is a fan of ten-pins or duckpins, our bowling ornaments can acknowledge a bowler's high score, a championship win, a 1st time bowler or a bowling group. Whatever purpose your bowling ornament serves, our personalizer will do a beautiful job to make it special for the bowler on your list. Order now and score high with a bowling Christmas ornament for your favorite bowler or your whole bowling team.