Basketball Christmas Ornaments

Are you looking for just the right basketball ornament for a basketball player on your Christmas list? If so, you are in the right place to have many choices. If the team won a championship this year, a personalized basketball ornament with the team name and winning title would certainly be a great memento for each player to mark the team's winning season.

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Personalized Basketball Ornaments

Ornaments with Love offers basketball player figures for both male and female with blond or brown hair. Some of the figures wear uniforms trimmed in red or blue. Other offerings are a textured basketball with dangling shoes, an ornament with the word, “Hoops”, mounted on a glittered star, a basketball and hoop combination and an ornament showing the full basketball court with the word “Slamdunk” featured. In addition, we have a male and female figure waving a pennant that can be personalized in support of one's favorite team. All of the ornaments can be personalized to make a long-lasting memory of hours spent shooting baskets and having fun with friends or team members.

One of our basketball ornaments is a great gift for a basketball player of any level or any position. Whether your player plays center, forward, shooting guard or point guard, every player has to contribute to the team effort to develop a “well-oiled machine”. Basketball is a team sport and involves many skills. Our basketball ornament honors their love of the game but can also compliment their ability to dribble the ball, slam dunk the ball into the net, steal the ball from the other team, catch some great rebounds or make some incredible lay-ups. Whatever your favorite player accomplishes in the game, a basketball ornament lets them know that you recognize his or her abilities on the court.

Custom Basketball Ornaments

Most basketball players develop their interest shooting baskets on a playground, participating on a recreation department community team, or in a friend's driveway. Some players advance to school teams and sometimes to college teams. Some basketball stars are talented enough to make it to the professional level.

Did you know that basketball was invented in 1891 by a Canadian-American gym teacher, James Naismith, in Springfield, Massachusetts? He needed a way to keep his gym class occupied inside on a rainy day. By 1895, the game had spread through Canada and the US. He also was responsible for establishing basketball in colleges.

Basketball Xmas Ornaments

Basketball leagues have developed for men and women all over the world. There are various tournaments on all levels, March Madness being a much anticipated and watched college tournament. Because of the popularity of the original sport, variations of the game such as Beach basketball, Water basketball, Streetball, Wheelchair basketball and Slamball have evolved.

This Christmas celebrate a basketball player with a personalized basketball ornament. Basketball is a fast-moving sport so be fast and order your favorite player or the whole team a basketball ornament that can be customized with a name, year, and team name.