Personalized Snowman Ornaments

Tis the season to think of snow and snowman ornaments. We all dream of a white Christmas, but some of us don't live in a climate that will produce that beautiful winter scenery. However, we can dream on by giving a personalized snowman ornament to our friends and loved ones. A snowman or snow lady ornament is a popular symbol of the holiday season. During the season, snowman decorations are on plates, candies, clothes and so many other items used during the Christmas season. Many homes display an artificial snowman on their front lawn. So why not gift a personalized snowman ornament to people on your Christmas list?

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Personalized Snowman Christmas Ornaments

Because personalized snowman ornaments are so popular, Ornaments with Love has a large variety at a range of prices. They are reasonably priced starting at $5.99 to $12.99 including the name and the year. We have snowmen with real knitted hats, snowmen with candy canes, pipes and a wreath. One snowman ball has a nose that blinks on and off light. They are all dressed for the cold waiting to be brought inside to hang on a beautiful Christmas tree. Every snowman ornament can be personalized with a name and the year.

If you and your children are lucky enough to have enough snow in your area to build a snowman, snowman family ornaments are available in our Family and Family with Pets categories. What a fun activity that can be revisited each year as you hang your snowman family ornament on the family Christmas tree. Everybody gets their name personalized on the ornament.

Snowman Christmas Ornaments

A snowman ornament is an ornament that can be given to anyone on your list. It is considered a generic ornament and is priced to give to groups that you want to show your appreciation at a reasonable price. Consider giving a snowman ornament to co-workers, club members, classroom students, committee members, or another group that you are a member. They will be thrilled to add your snowman ornament to their ornament collection. Don't forget–every ornament will be a one-of-a-kind by adding your recipient's name and the year.

Our image of a Christmas snowman comes largely from the song, “Frosty the Snowman”, written and first recorded in 1950. Since Frosty was born he has been in numerous movies, stories and books. Yes, he is a “jolly happy soul with a corncob pipe and a button nose”.

You, too, can be a jolly soul as you wish your friends and acquaintances Happy Holidays with one of our cute personalized snowman ornaments.