Police Christmas Ornaments

Honor a policeman or policewoman with a police ornament that can be customized just for them. Policemen dedicate their life to protecting people and property. One of our police ornaments is a great way to congratulate a recent graduate of the police academy.

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Personalized Police Christmas Ornaments

Policeman can have many different responsibilities, but whatever they do, they wear their uniforms proudly. Ornaments with Love offers several police Christmas ornaments figures dressed in their official uniform. We also carry a police car ornament complete with a place to write their name, department name and the year. Also included in our police category is a police hat with a dangling police badge. An added plus is that all of our police ornaments can be personalized with no extra charge.

Personalized Police Ornaments

A personalized police Christmas ornament extends a warm thank you to a policeman who is a member of your family, a friend or an acquaintance who maybe did a special favor for you. The ornament shows that you respect their job whether they are a policeman on the “beat” in the neighborhood, a part time or volunteer policeman, a crash or fraud investigator, a traffic cop, or an active policeman with some other public duties.

The police work diligently to protect their community from harm. They either walk the “beat”, drive a police car or ride a motorcycle to perform their duties. They work hard to prevent crime and disorder. Their assigned hours can take them away from their families for many hours. They truly serve the public to make life a better place to live and work.

Others such as troopers, sheriffs and rangers are also considered policemen in some places. However, our police ornaments are specifically for policeman of any rank whose main duty is to respond to emergency calls and to make sure their constituents are obeying the law. Whether you get mad at a policeman for writing an “unfair” speeding ticket or for running a red or yellow light, they are just doing their job.

Your gift of a police ornament shows how proud you are to know that they have chosen a very respectable career. Your favorite policeman will certainly appreciate one of our personalized police ornaments on their Christmas tree as a reminder each year of their dedication to their profession.