Cow Christmas Ornaments

Are you searching for an assortment of cow ornaments? If the answer is yes, Ornaments with Love has a variety of farm and cow ornaments to offer. Whether you collect cow figurines, cow paintings or anything cow related, a cow ornament is a very thoughtful gift. If you have a child who loves to visit farms or visited a farm for the first time this year, one of our cow ornaments will be a reminder of their intrigue with cows. A cow ornament will surely bring a smile to your favorite cow lover. An added bonus is that there is a space on every cow ornament to customize it with a name and the year.

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Personalized Cow Christmas Ornaments

Our cow ornaments include cows combined with Christmas wreaths designed specifically for the season, cows with dangling legs, a cow dressed in a Santa jacket, cows included with other farm animals and a beautiful glass ball with the cow looking right at you! Our cow ornaments don’t Moo, but their presence on the Christmas tree communicates a personal love of this interesting animal.

The cow has been mentioned in literature since Greek mythology. The 1st cow arrived in America in the Jamestown colony in 1611. The cow is a staple part of our economy providing milk, meat, leather, and manure for energy. Farmers in certain areas still rely on cows as work animals. Cows also provide an aesthetic appeal while on a ride thru the countryside. In some cultures, cows have a religious meaning.

For whatever reason people love cows, they are one of the most collected and loved farm animals. “Holy Cow!” Glad you thought to give a personalized cow ornament to a person who loves the sight and sounds of cows. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness by adding a personalized cow Christmas ornament to their existing cow collection.