Personalized Piano Ornaments

Honor the piano player or piano teacher on your Christmas list with one of our personalized piano ornaments. Many children begin piano lessons at an early age and continue their love of piano into their adult years. Whether your child is just beginning piano lessons or has been playing for a while, they will love a piano ornament to record their improved skill and their many hours of practicing chords and scales. This is not to say that an adult would not like to receive one of our piano ornaments also. Pianists provide wonderful entertainment for us in various venues. Let a personalized piano ornament serve as extra applause for their talent.

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Piano Christmas Ornaments Personalized

Our piano ornaments are one of the most popular ornaments in our music category. Ornaments with Love offers male and female pianists with brown or blond hair proudly sitting at a piano. We also offer an upright piano, a few baby grand pianos, keyboards and several other music related ornaments. A unique offering is a family ornament that features two, three, four or five family members gathered around a piano to enjoy the songs of the Christmas season. All of our piano ornaments can be personalized to make a musical memory for a pianist who appreciates the melodies and sounds made possible on a piano.

Did you know that the 1st piano was invented in Italy in the 1700s? Famous pianists, Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, showed early admiration for the versatility of sounds that could be made on a piano. In the 19th century, the piano played a large role at family gatherings. Through the years, the piano has evolved and today the piano is used in classical, jazz, blues, rock, traditional and popular music. Pianos are found in many homes, schools, churches, recreation centers, entertainment venues, and of course, concert halls.

What a talent to be able to play the piano. Learning that ability starts somewhere, probably from a mother’s idea that her child should take piano lessons. Hopefully, the child will continue with the piano, but many times piano lessons provide the beginning of music appreciation. Many times, the child moves on to another musical instrument. However, piano lessons teach the child to read music and require a responsibility to practice in preparation for the next lesson. We can thank Mom and a dedicated piano teacher for instilling the love of music in our lives.

Piano Christmas Tree Ornaments

One of our miniature piano replica ornaments or a person sitting at the piano ornament will be a wonderful way to commemorate time spent playing the piano. A piano ornament can mark a 1st recital. It can thank a piano teacher for her ability to motivate a child to love music. Whatever introduces a person to the piano is a plus to their life.

Playing the piano is a form of art and entertainment. Whether your pianist is a beginner, an amateur or a professional, choose one of our personalized piano ornaments to make sure that you “hit the right chord” for a gift given in their Christmas stocking, used as a gift card on a package or given as the actual gift.