Drum Ornaments

Celebrate a drummer’s rhythm with one of our drummer ornaments. Whether your drummer plays popular music, jazz, blues, rock, orchestra music or participates in a marching band, we have a drum ornament that replicates a real drum for them. On the stage, a drummer is seated at the back of the group, but is really the most important band member, as the drummer sets the pace and creates the rhythm for the rest of the band. A drummer is the most important player in the percussion. Also, in a marching band the drummer sets the pace for the rest of the marchers.

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Drummer Christmas Ornaments

Our most popular drum ornament is our red glittered drum set. Other drum ornaments include a 3D snare drum on a metal stand, a 3D drum set with tom, toms, a base drum and cymbals, and a drum surrounded by music notes. We also offer male and female figures with brown or blond hair playing their drum.

Personalized Drum Christmas Ornament

Our drum ornaments don’t make a lot of noise. They just hang gracefully on a Christmas tree to recognize the drum enthusiast in your family. All of our drum Christmas ornaments can be personalized to make a memory of the many hours spent practicing, to perfect many different drum beats.

Personalized Drum Set Ornament

Your drummer may be a beginner taking drum lessons for the first time, an advanced drummer playing with a professional group or a drummer playing for fun with a group of friends. Your drummer may march with a school marching band or be a member of one of our military bands. Some drummers like to accompany their favorite recorded music as a past-time. Even little children are fascinated with the sounds they can make on a toy drum.

A personalized drum ornament is a thoughtful gift for a drummer at any level. Whether your drummer rises to the level of Ringo Starr or Alex Van Halen, playing drums brings a special satisfaction to those who love the rhythms that drummers provide. Good party music gets people movin’, so get movin’ now and order one of our personalized drum Christmas ornaments for your favorite drummer.