Personalized Music Ornaments

personalized music ornament

Personalized Music Christmas Ornaments

Musical Christmas ornaments are the perfect gift for a musician or music listener including:

Cello   |  Clarinet  |  Drummer

Electric Guitar  | French Horn

Flute  |  Guitar  |  Piano

Saxophone  |  Singer

Trombone  |  Trumpet  |   Tuba  |  Violin

Personalized music ornaments make the gift even better! All of our music ornaments have a place to customize it with a name and the year. If your family is music oriented, we also carry a family ornament showing the family enjoying music together around the piano.

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Personalized Music Ornaments

Ornaments with Love offers a large variety of musical Christmas ornaments. Our selection includes music Christmas ornaments for musicians who play in school marching bands, school orchestra bands, jazz bands, rock bands, professional orchestras or concert bands. To many, enjoying music is a large part of their life.

You can choose a male or female figure holding their preferred instrument. Our most popular musical instrument ornaments are pianos, violins, trumpets, cellos, clarinets and flutes. Other personalized musical instrument ornaments that are featured on our music people are drums, french horn, guitars, microphones for singers, saxophones, trombones, and tubas. All of our music Christmas figures can be personalized on the sheet of music that the musician is holding. Whether a beginning musician or an advanced musician, our music people ornaments are always popular as a reminder of those many hours spent practicing.

Not to forget the other music Christmas ornaments that are available to honor the musician or music aficionado on your Christmas list. Look at the variety of personalized ornaments offered for the choir member, country music lover, ballroom dancers, drummer, guitar player (electric and acoustic), hand bell player, harpist, and singers.

Many people feel that music makes the world a better place. It can certainly change the atmosphere in a room, party, home or office. So, to those musicians who provide music to our world, we can salute them with a personalized music Christmas ornament that shows our appreciation for their talent and interest in music. Can we say that music is a universal language? Yes, music lovers everywhere will love receiving a unique and creative personalized music Christmas ornament in their stocking, as a gift card on a package or as THE gift.