Marine Christmas Ornaments

Salute your favorite Marine with one of our personalized Marine ornaments. Show them him/her how proud you are that they have chosen this vigorous training that comes with becoming a Marine. Whether they are enlisted, an officer or a reserve, a Marine ornament on the family Christmas tree will give the family a tremendous feeling of pride.

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Personalized Marine Christmas Ornaments

Ornaments with Love offers several Marine ornaments that can be personalized to honor a Marine of any rank. Our Marine ornaments include figures, both male and female, dressed in their dress blue uniforms or camouflaged fatigues. You will also find ornaments flying the American flag with the glittered word, Marine, or a bear in his dress blues. Because a large number of Marines move supplies in a Hummer, we carry a camouflaged Hummer type ornament with the word, Marine, as the title. There is an area on all of our ornaments for your Marine’s name including rank, the place they are stationed and the year.

Personalized USMC Ornaments

Don’t forget our Marine veterans. They, too, can be honored with a Marine or other military related ornament. In all of our military sections, you will find picture frames waiting to be filled with your service person’s photo. One frame has the heading “Proud to Serve” and the other frame’s heading is “American Hero”.

It is known that Marine training is very tough physically and mentally. Whether trained to fight on land, in the air, at sea or in a support position, we owe great respect to the spirit and responsibility that a Marine take’ to defend our country.

One of the most well recognized military songs is John Philip Sousa’s “Semper Fidelis March”, the official march of the Marine Corps. It was first performed by the U.S. Marine Band in June 1909. We have added the Marine’s famous motto, Semper Fidelis, which means Always Faithful in Latin, to one of our Marine ornaments. This motto exemplifies the culture the Marine Corps has developed. It is said that most Marines feel that “Once a Marine, Always a Marine”.

Personalized Marine Corps Ornaments

This Christmas celebrate your brave and dedicated Marine with one of our personalized Marine Christmas ornaments. Each Christmas as it is hung on the family Christmas tree, it will be a reminder of your Marine’s love and dedication to country and their demanding profession.