Military Xmas Ornaments

Military Christmas Ornaments

Personalized Military Christmas Ornaments

Ornaments with Love offers a variety of personalized military ornaments that honors all branches of our military services including the  Army,  Air Force,  Coast Guard,  Marines,  National Guard,  and  Navy.  One of our military ornaments is a great way to thank our military personnel for their dedicated patriotism to our country. Whether your military person is stationed abroad or in the continental US, we can get their ornament delivered to them easily. We ship a lot of APO at no extra charge. Order early to be sure that your military member will receive their ornament in time for Christmas. One of our military ornaments is the perfect way to honor what they do for our country.

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Military Christmas Tree Ornaments

Ornaments with Love offers many different ornaments to thank an active duty or retired military person for their service to our country. Most popular are our Army ornaments, probably because the Army is the largest branch of the military. Next comes the Air Force ornaments. Third in line are Navy ornaments. We do not slight the other services as they deserve the same respect for their dedicated service to our country.

Military Christmas ornaments include service members in their respective uniforms, both dress and casual. We also carry a heart shaped flag with dangling dog tags for each of the four main branches of the military. There are other ornaments that feature icons of the specific branch of the military and ornaments that showcase the American flag with the words Army, Air Force, Marine and Navy featured above a banner waiting to be personalized with your personal message. Also included in our military category are generic ornaments and picture frames to honor veterans who have served.

Military Christmas Decorations

Let’s not forget the patriotic families who support and live life on or are connected to military bases all over the world. Choose one of our American flag family ornaments with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 people proudly looking over the top of the flag. Each one of these flag ornaments can be personalized with names of the individuals, the family name and the base or place they are living plus the year the ornament is given. If the family wants to document life at a certain base for a number of consecutive years, just add that in the space for year on the personalization instructions.

Depending on the ornament you choose, our options allow veterans to remember, citizens to show their patriotism, and persons of all ages and nationalities to celebrate American heroes. We offer everything from ribbons related to special forces and flag themed ornaments. If you are looking to add red, white and blue to your Christmas tree, add an ornament from our military category.

Personalized Military Ornaments

This Christmas make it special for our military personnel by honoring them with one of our adorable military ornaments. Don’t forget they can all be personalized, and we have no trouble shipping to an APO address. If your loved one is serving overseas, let them know that your love and heart is with them by sending them a Christmas greeting in the form of a personalized military Christmas ornament.