Fairy Christmas Ornaments

Fairy ornaments have become very popular in the last few years. Maybe the fairies owe their popularity to the birth of Disney Fairies, a Disney franchise that began in 2005. Fairies are not only for young girls that believe in a make-believe world. There are adults who want to believe in magical powers that fairies seem to possess.

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Personalized Fairy Christmas Ornaments

Fairies have been in folklore and legends for hundreds of years, but the current fairy idea probably began with the character of Tinker Bell from Walt Disney's 1953 animated film “Peter Pan”. The popularity of Disney Fairies has developed children's interest in fairies thru books, a web site and the computer-animated Tinker Bell film series. Disney's fairies live in Neverland and work together in many fun stories about Pixie Hollow. Most of the Disney fairy characters are female but there are some male fairies in the stories.

Whether you or your child believe in the magic of fairies, they are fun to have as “friends”! Fairies add whimsy and imagination to our thinking and creativity. These human-like figures are usually beautiful, dainty and feminine. Most fairies have wings, as you see designed by our ornament artists.

Our fairy Christmas ornaments are designed as human-like females with wings to appear flying through the limbs of Christmas trees. just as they do in their make-believe world. If there is a fairy lover on your Christmas list, she will be thrilled to have one of our fairy ornaments. An extra surprise for your fairy enthusiast is that all of our fairy ornaments will be personalized with her name and the year that she was into fairies.

Kids love the fairies they see in comics, stories and animated films. In many cases, they identify with their characters, but know they are in make believe mode. The belief that they have magical powers is the fun of a fairy's magical world.

This Christmas give a fairy ornament to a fairy believer. It may be a child or even a “fairy godmother” who brings lots of love to you and your family. Fairy ornaments certainly represent a world of enchantment.