New Home Christmas Ornaments

Moving into a new home is a lifetime memory. After many months or even years the right new home finally appeared. Whether you or your family are being transferred for a new job, you are up-sizing or downsizing, buying a new home is an exciting event. Whether your choice is a townhouse, rental apartment, condo apartment or a single family house, the move to a new home welcomes a new life experience. The purchase of a beach home also calls for a new home memento! Whatever the reason for the move, preserve your memories with a New Home Christmas ornament.

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Ornaments with Love has many ornaments that can be personalized to record your move to a new home. We offer doors, houses, and families with different sizes of family menbers. Your new home ornament can even include your dogs and cats! Our New Home ornaments come in many colors and designs. The ornament, whether a door, house or family, will provide a memory that can be shared each Christmas as the Christmas tree is once again decorated.

Many of the ornaments provide a banner to write Our New Home, Our First Home or an address along with another banner for the family name or single name. There is always a place to note the year of the move, an important piece of a family’s or person’s life journey. Our personalizer will follow your personalizing instructions so let us make an ornament that will be a special New Home ornament for the happy new home owners.

Our New Home ornaments are a great housewarming gift and hostess gift. What a great gift to welcome new neighbors who you don’t really know yet. If you are a real estate agent, our New Home or First Home ornaments make great keepsakes for your clients. They will love the ornament and also remember you!

Moving to a new home is a happy time. It is a time to decorate differently. It is a time to make new friends and to learn a new neighborhood. Moving to a new home is not always easy but it is a moment in life that is important for all involved. One of our New Home ornaments will record this memorable event. A wonderful saying is “A new home is a place for memories to be made and great times to be had.” So why not congratulate yourself, a friend or a relative with a New Home ornament personalized especially for them?