Graduation Christmas Ornaments

Graduation Christmas Ornaments

Personalized Graduation Christmas Ornaments

A graduation ornament is a wonderful keepsake of that special day, and also serves as a memory of the hard work it took to get to that ceremony. Whether your graduate is a graduate of elementary school, middle school, high school, junior college, university, graduate school or professional school, a personalized graduation ornament is certainly in order. Many parents love marking graduation from preschool and kindergarten with our cute owl graduation ornament.

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Graduation Christmas Tree Ornaments

Ornaments with Love offers a variety of graduation ornaments to accommodate different tastes and different levels of achievement. All of our graduation ornaments are made of resin, but some have real tassels. Our most popular graduation ornament shows only a mortarboard with a real tassel as the symbol of graduation along with gold stars to highlight the importance of this life accomplishment. Also available in our graduation category are males and females dressed in black, red and blue graduation robes waiting for their diploma to be personalized with their name, their school and the year of graduation. Each year, we carry a black glittered graduation ornament with the current year in cut-out numbers and a real tassel.

If your graduate attended a specialty school, we can also mark that graduation with an ornament found in the designated category. In the “comment” area at the end of your order form, let us know what degree they received. We will fit it on the ornament.

When the graduates march down the aisle to the music of the famous “Pomp and Circumstance”, the graduate and the graduate’s family feel a sense of pride and happiness. Many photos are taken. Gifts are given. A personalized graduation ornament is the perfect gift to recognize this accomplishment. The day will be revisited each year as the graduation ornament is hung on the family Christmas tree. Graduation at any level is a day and experience that should never be forgotten. Sometimes it wasn’t so much fun, but the end-result is a feeling of pride and joy.

Personalized graduation ornaments make great gifts for all your friends. They will certainly bring memories of all those times spent together. So “Hats Off” to all graduates at any level for the advancement and improvement they have achieved in their life.