Personalized Christmas Ornaments for Large Family

Extra Large Family Christmas Ornament

Personalized Extra Large Family Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is a time to celebrate with the whole extended family. If your family has 4, 5 or 6 siblings plus their children, Grandma and Grandpa, we offer ornaments and tabletop decorations that can be personalized with up to 25 names. What a wonderful keepsake to have everyone’s name on the same item to display every Christmas.

Because we have a large demand for ornaments that can be personalized for large groups, we carry a variety of ornaments that can be personalized with 7 or more names. You can choose from Family Tree Ornaments, angel trees, a Christmas mug with lots of marshmallows, a deer wreath with lots of mittens, a quilt with lots of squares, a mantel with lots of hanging mittens, a snowman family with up to 12 children, a long Christmas stocking with lots of stripes for the names and a hand made Joy family that shows up to 12 people.

For those who want tabletop decoration for extra large families some of our offerings are a tabletop train with individual cars for each person’s name, a Christmas tree with lots of peppermint spaces, a fireplace with lots of stockings, and a gift tree with a gift for each family member’s name.

Many of our extra large family offerings can also be used for office groups, school classes, friend’s groups, vacation groups, or any group that you would like to honor. Whatever ornament with room for many names you choose, it can be beautifully personalized to meet your needs.