Girl with Craft Project - Brown Hair

Today is the first day of June.  Early this morning as I sat in my sunroom staring out at all the beautiful colors in my backyard, I thought of the old expression, “April showers bring May flowers”.   They sure do.  Depending upon where you live, flowers may start blooming earlier than in May, but that seems to be pretty accurate here where we live.  Every year around this time, one of my favorite things to do is relax in my sunroom in the morning with a cup of coffee or in late afternoon with a glass of wine, and admire all the beautiful flowers and flowering plants flourishing in our yard and garden.

I starting to get excited too, thinking about how much my granddaughter loved our daily walks around our garden looking at all the flowers when she came to visit last June.  She kept saying our garden is “sooooo beautiful and colorful”.  And since she will be visiting grandma again in a couple of weeks, I am really looking forward to reliving the experience with her.

As I started getting ready to begin my day, I couldn’t stop thinking about what other things we could do together that she would enjoy.  After breakfast I had to run out to the grocery store and post office, and on my way I drove past the local craft store.  Wait.  I know my granddaughter loves to do art projects.  How fun would it be to bring the beauty of our outdoor flowers INTO the house by making our own flowers which we can then share and enjoy all year long!?

When I got home, I googled “flower crafts” and of course there were so many sites to look at.  But then I found one that was geared toward preschoolers.  PERFECT!  I went through all the choices and picked my 3 favorites.  I made a list of the art supplies we would need and then drove back out to the craft store.  I got home, printed out the directions for the chosen crafts and cleared off the dining room table.  Everything is now laid out, organized and ready to go.

Here is the link to the article in case you also have young artists in your life who would enjoy spending the day indoors making fun “outdoor” arts and crafts:

I know this is going to be a grandma / granddaughter project that will make us both so happy.  No matter how perfect or imperfect our flowers turn out, my granddaughter will know how special she is to me.  And my hope is that this time together will create the most beautiful and colorful memories for both of us!


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