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Last month we wrote our Blog about how decorating early for Christmas will make you happier. The good news is that since it is only November 1st, there is still time to experience that early happiness.  Want more good news?  This month we have some fun decorating tips to help you get started!  

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With Christmas time comes a plethora of festive and fun demands. From shopping for the perfect gift for everyone on your list to baking cookies and more, there are many things to do. People all over the world start getting their homes Christmas-ready. Some eager planners start preparation in October or early November, while more traditional Christmas observers tend to start their preparations right after they have finished recovering from Thanksgiving.

Whenever you plan to start decorating, there are a variety of ways that you can approach the overhaul of your home.


Feng Shui for Christmas

If you are an observer of Feng Shui design principles or are looking to maximize the energy and chi of Feng Shui inspired Christmas décor tips, then check out this list below to create an amazing feel of Christmas in your home.

  1. Make your entryway bright and cheery. Your front door is where you will enter all of the special guests that come to your home to help you celebrate the holidays. And though you don’t need to go overboard here, Christmas lighting around your doorway is extremely welcoming and can create tremendous energy for your home. Christmas lights make this strategy easy. A wreath on the front door can complete the look and drive home the feeling of Christmas spirit.
  2. Place your Christmas tree in the fame and reputation space of your home (the southern part of your Bagua) for maximum energy. The color for fame and reputation is red, so this means you can go crazy with those red ornaments and ribbons to help trim your tree. As another option, you can place your green Christmas tree in the family area of your home so that it serves as a focal point in bringing your family together. Remember that green is a symbol of life and growth in your family. So, consider adding some green throw pillows on your couches and chairs as a way to complement the focal point of your Christmas tree.
  3. Everybody loves presents! Christmas time is about celebrating family and friends and is an excellent continuation of the family gathering that Thanksgiving is known for, just a month before the Christmas holidays. Take advantage of sales and your monthly budget to start shopping early so that you can start displaying presents under your tree right away.

Stick to one color theme for Christmas

Today’s Christmas designs continue to leverage the traditional red and green, and that is great for those that want to ensure maximum chi. However, blues, silvers, and other color themes are also popular. The key here is to ensure that you select one color theme and then stick to it.

For example, ensure that your tree decorations, stairway garlands, and additional holiday décor all leverage that main color as the starting point. Though other pops of colors are important here and there. For example, adding a Christmas cactus, explored in more detail here, in your entryway can bring a festive atmosphere as soon as you walk into your home. Maximizing the use of one color will help pull the design together for a more cohesive look.

Christmas lighting is not limited to a string of lights

If you are hosting for the holidays, there is no better way to greet your guests than by some lit lanterns (battery operated lanterns are perfectly fine) to illuminate your walkway. Lanterns with candles in votive holders can create an elegant look, but battery-operated tea-lights will work just as well. If you have a tree-lined walkway, consider stringing lights from tree to tree to create an obvious path that leads to your well-lit entryway.

If you live in a warmer climate and have more flexibility in your outdoor Christmas decorations, gather some mason jars or other decorative glass containers and set them out on your patio table. Containers with varying heights will help add dimension and will look lovely when surrounded by some garland, pinecones, and fake red berries.

This same look can be carried over to the dinner table, and the clear glass containers help ensure that your guests can see one another across the table. If you aren’t interested in the candle look, consider containers that hold round ornaments in the same color as your theme, and set those out on the table. Then, consider stringing some battery-operated white Christmas lights around the bottom of the jars on the table, for subtler illumination.

The use of proper Christmas-inspired lighting can make your home feel more welcoming and spacious. And, for those that have not invested in a substantial amount of Christmas decorations, adding a string of lights here or there as an accent can help you to do more with less. If you have kids, be sure to include them in the decorating process, as they can easily help you to place lights that do not require an electrical connection.


Happy decorating, and Merry Christmas!


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