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We were sitting around our workshop last week taking a little break when one of our elves, Jacquie, asked, “do you consider “The Nightmare Before Christmas” a Halloween or Christmas movie”? The consensus was mixed. Gina then asked Jacquie what she thought. She said at her house it has always been a tradition to watch it around Halloween, but recently one of her friends on Facebook posted how she can’t wait to watch it with her kids over the Christmas holiday; so now she is not sure.

We all thought it was such an interesting topic and decided it is a matter of opinion. When it comes to family traditions, there is no right or wrong answer. Surprisingly, every one of us did admit to having that one favorite Christmas movie we watched each year with our families. While no one claimed “The Nightmare Before Christmas” as their favorite, several of us agreed upon “Miracle on 34th Street”. The other movies that were voted as favorites were: “White Christmas”, “Bad Santa”, “A Christmas Carol”, “Elf”, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, and “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  One other thing we shared was that along with watching our favorite Christmas movie during the holidays, there were other activities we felt were treasured Christmas traditions, especially when done with family and friends. These other traditions included making and decorating Gingerbread Houses, mailing out Christmas cards, drinking hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows, writing letters to and baking cookies for Santa (those with younger kids at home), sitting together and listening to Christmas carols, and of course decorating our trees!

Jacquie then brought up the “Nightmare Before Christmas” movie again and said she thinks her family might begin watching it both at Halloween AND at Christmas. Why not!? New traditions can become just as treasured as old ones.

After a moment of silence, Jacquie declared that we should start our own tradition with each other. What a great idea!! Since the Christmas season is a very busy time for us here at Ornaments With Love, we decided that after our busy season ends, we will get together to watch one of our favorite Christmas movies! We will start with that. Who knows what other fun activities we might add to our new Christmas movie-watching tradition next year!

The best part about the decision was that we unanimously agreed that “The Nightmare Before Christmas” was going to be the first movie on our list to watch! We will see you soon, Jack Skellington!!

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