Love Our Veterans

Here in the United States when we think about November holidays, I am pretty sure the first holiday that comes to most people’s minds is Thanksgiving.  Which makes sense because who doesn’t love the delicious food and family time that comes along with Thanksgiving?  The irony is that the most important thing about Thanksgiving is that it is a day of thanks.  And I can’t think of anyone who deserve thanks more than our veterans do.  Which brings us to a second November holiday which we should put just as much thought and effort into – Veterans Day.

Veterans Day is observed on November 11th each year and celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans…those we have lost, those who have retired, and those still on active duty. Our own Fred Bell served in the military and I am so thankful and proud of my husband’s service.  We also have several on our staff with family members who have served or presently are serving in the military.  I would guess that everyone is honored to know of at least one veteran…either personally or through a friend.

A cousin of mine is so proud to have a nephew who will be graduating from the Naval Academy next year.  Each year, many men and women begin to serve in the military as either enlisted soldiers or as officers. However one’s service begins, we as a country are so fortunate to gain brave, courageous, and patriotic members into each of our 5 Armed Forces branches:

Army:  Largest Group of Armed Forces. Best known for fighting on the ground.  Includes aviators, air defense, and military support staff.

Marines:  Carry out missions on land, sea, and air.  They are used for quick responses to emergencies at home and around the world.

Navy:   Known for operations at sea.  Sailors serve on submarines, aircraft carriers, cruisers, and destroyers.  And their divers go deep under water to repair ships.

Air Force: Carries out operations in the air to include spy missions, air support, and air combat.

Coast Guard:  Protect America’s 300 ports, coastlines, and waterways.

United States Military Academy Graduate

Navy Ship

Air Force - Ethnic

Coast Guard









It truly is amazing how much dedication, talent, and specialized training there is within each branch.


And now that November is here and we look forward to enjoying a feast of turkey, stuffing, and apple pie with family and friends, I hope we can stop and take time to thank all of our military heroes.  I am sure other countries feel the same way about their own military.  It’s the sacrifice, devotion and love of country that is just so inspiring!


Military - We Honor All Who Served

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